I'M Omar Reda


I am energetic, ambitious and hard worker person who is active to learn the latest technologies related to the field of Software Engineering.

About me

omar reda

About Me

Hello I'M Omar Reda

Birthday : 7 April 1998

Website : Omarreda.github.io

Phone : +20 127 245 6884

E-mail : Omarreda5050@gmail.com

Age : 25

Degree : Bachelor

City : Cairo, Egypt

Freelance : Available


  • I'm a Fresh Computer and Communication Engineering graduate. I got my bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University.
  • I have +2 years of experience in software engineering roles. I worked at 4 different scale companies during my college period, where I gained the experience of working with clients and teams from all over the EMEA region.
  • I'm interested in web development and cloud technologies, also I'm active to learn all the latest technologies related to the Software Engineering field.


My Resume

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor Degree In Computer & Communication Engineering
    Sept 2016 - Jul 2021

    Studied Computer & Communication Engineering at Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.

    Graduation Project:

    DOCTOR-Y - Artificial Intelligence Assisted Connection Between Patients and Physicians.

    Project Demo
  • IBM Certified Solution Developer - Integration Bus v10.0
    Aug 2020 - Oct 2020

    Awarded The IBM Certified Solution Developer - Integration Bus v10.0 Badge Offered by IBM Professional Certification.

  • Technical Product Management Career Accelerator Plus Program.
    Jun 2020 - Sep 2020

    Finished The Technical Product Management Track in The Advanced Developer Training Offered By Knowledge Officer & Facebook Developer Circles.

  • Frontend Development with React
    Apr 2020 - May 2020

    Completed Front-End Development With React Course Offered By The Hong Kong Univeristy & Coursera.

  • AWS Fundamentals Track
    Apr 2020 - Apr 2020

    Completed The AWS Fundamentals Specialization Track Offered By AWS & Coursera.

  • Linux For Developers
    Mar 2020 - Apr 2020

    Completed Linux For Developers Course Offered By The Linux Foundation and Coursera.

  • Artificial Intelligence Mastery Award & Instructor Award
    Dec 2019 - Feb 2020

    Awarded Artificial Intelligence Mastery Award & Instructor Award from IBM.
    Mastery Award Link - Instructor Award Link

  • Acclaim
    Oct 2018 - Present

    Check My Acclaim Profile To View My Digital Badges From IBM.


  • Cloud Engineer | GIG Technology
    Jan 2022 - Now

    • Wrote the documentation of GIG Cloud to help developers use the company's resources in the best way. Additionally, created step-by-step tutorials for customers on how they can use GIG's Cloudspaces, Storages, VMs, Firewalls and more. Fixed bugs and issues in the customers' portals to provide a better user experience in every Virtual Cloud Operator (VCO) the company offers.

    • Contributed to MySQL Operator Kubernetes Controller which is an open-source script that enables users to create and manage production-ready MySQL clusters using a simple declarative configuration format. This script runs on Kubernetes Clusters hosted on GIG Cloud.

    • Contributed to GIG Cloud OpenVPN which is an open-source script that allows you to create a VM with OpenVPN installed on it and deploy it to your VCO portal. Additionally, allows you to create new users on the VM that you have deployed.

    • Created a GitLab CI/CD pipeline that checks the documentation health generated by the documentation template engine every time the production is updated.

  • Web Development Instructor | GOMYCODE
    Mar 2021 - Sept 2021 | (7 Months)

    • Taught the web development track at GOMYCODE to students of different ages and backgrounds, helped them understand how to build interactive, responsive and optimized performance websites.

    • Developed workshops to provide a hands-on experience for students to apply what they learned. Additionally, managed one-to-one meetings to discuss the concepts they study and find out how much they understood.

    • Contributed to GOMYCODE learning platform to enhance the content and provide students with the best experience during their learning journey, and performed code reviews on all the students’ submissions and provided detailed feedback to enrich the students’ learning experience.

    • My interview as a web development instructor was published on GOMYCODE Global Blog.

  • System Integration and Middleware Engineering Intern | Business Values Services - MEA
    Aug 2020 - Oct 2020 | (2 Months)

    • Learned to use IBM Integration Bus and IBM API Connect to provide integrations and cloud solutions to the banking sector in Egypt as being partners with IBM.

    • Gained more practical knowledge about Middlewares, Systems Integration and API Management that can help in building strong, secure, isolated and compatible web services.

  • Software Engineering Intern | VOKTECH
    Jul 2020 - Sept 2020 | (3 Months)

    • Provided several web-based solutions for clients across the Middle East.

    • Developed the Front-end view of 6 websites and created an optimization methodology for developers to optimize the already developed websites and improve their performance.

    • Evaluated and tested more than 10 websites to ensure that they're compatible with different browsers and devices, and fixed any issues I found during testing.

  • Project Coordinator Intern | IBM
    Nov 2018 - April 2019 | July 2019 - Dec 2019 | (1 Year)

    • Helped in increasing the number of the Digital-Nation Africa platform users by about 15,000 new users during a year.

    • Managed and monitored the Digital Nation Africa Ambassadors' progress on a daily/weekly and monthly basis.

    • Started Digital Nation Africa Egypt Competition.

      1. Developed a landing page for the competition, and worked with third parties as Information and Technology Institute in Egypt and the American Chamber.

      2. Mentored projects and helped participants starting their ideas, developing their prototypes using IBM's latest technology, also the team I was directly assisting won the second place in the competition.

    • Tested the Front-end responses and APIs of the Urban Harmony Project, also updated and developed new Front-end components in the project.

    • Tested the Front-end and Back-end of D-NA Android App and D-NA Web Portal, including testing UI components, APIs responses, and retrieved JSON files for both staging and production versions of the app and the portal.

Technical Skills

C   |   Java   |   JavaScript
MySQL   |   MongoDB   
HTML   |   CSS   |   Sass
Tailwind CSS   |   Bootstrap   |   React.js
Node.js   |   Express.js
IBM API Connect  |   IBM Integration Bus
IBM Cloud   |   AWS   |   Cloudinary
Agile  |   Scrum   |   Kanban
Python   |   Containers   |   Kubernetes   
Familiar with Spring Boot  
Familiar with Android Development
Familiar with Game Development

My Services

My Services

Services I Offer

Web Development

Modern and mobile-ready native or framework-based websites for your business, with UI design, backend services and databases.

Technical Sessions & Courses

Certified IBM Skills Academy Instructor, able to teach techinical or non techinical content.

Project Management

Plan and excute efficient plans, with an experience in crisis handling and time management, ROI, KPIs and timelines.

Desktop Applications

Fast and unique windows applications built with Java.

Continuos Support

Continuos support for your application, including fixing bugs, maintenance and updates.

ًWordPress Websites

Modern and mobile-ready WordPress websites for your business, with already exsisted themes for different kinds of business.


Creative Works

Projects I Built

Business Values Services
Confusion Resturant
OWSM Marketplace
VW Social Network
Marycary University
The Legend Website
Blood Bank
Software Company
Maze Runner
Bus Station Simulator

Get in Touch

Get In Touch

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I'm currently open for working on individuals projects, and also active for immediate hiring.

Address : Cairo, Egypt

Phone : +20 127 245 6884

E-mail : Omarreda5050@gmail.com

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Omar Reda

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